Farm Resilience Advice 

CLS in Dorset is working with the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group to provide free, practical advice on how to reduce the impacts of severe weather events like heavy rainfall, heatwave and drought on farm businesses. 

Identifying the risks severe weather poses to individual farms today, and taking steps to reduce the impacts of those events, can increase farm sustainability and profitability, as well as becoming better prepared for future severe weather. These steps will vary from farm to farm, but could include measures like:

  • reducing water consumption
  • improving drainage and soil management
  • Providing shelter for livestock to help them cope with cold or heat

During October - December 2014 individual advice will be provided to five farms in the Bridport and Dorchester area followed by a farm walk in early 2015 to share practical lessons on increasing farm resilience with a wider audience.  

Interested in taking part or finding out more? Contact Rupert Lloyd 01305 224804 

Building resilience to
severe weather. 

CLS in Dorset has been working with the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) to provide free, practical advice to farms on how to reduce the impact of severe weather on their business. 

Download a copy of the CLS Dorset publications-

Building Soil Resilience to Climate Change
Building Resilience to Climate Change on Dairy Farms

Heavy rainfall, heat waves, drought and cold weather all impact on the sustainability and profitability of Dorset's farming industry. Identifying how these events impact on an individual farm today can help take steps to limit their impact when they happen again in the future through measures like:

• Improving drainage and soil management
• Reducing water use and wastage
• Providing shelter for livestock to reduce heat stress

During October - December 2014 CLS Dorset worked with five farms in the Bridport and Dorchester area to provide tailored advice on how to improve their resilience to severe weather, both now and in the future.

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