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The aim of the survey is to find out what people think and do about climate change and the environment.  We ran a similar survey in 2014, and 2015, so we also want to see whether anything has changed.  We want to hear from as many local people as possible so do fill it in; it should only take 10 minutes.

Responses from our 2015 survey were very encouraging, around three-quarters of respondents felt that they were well informed about climate change, and felt they had a good understanding of how to be environmentally friendly.  Many felt that they were more environmentally friendly than they had been in the previous year, and some said this was due to being involved with activities run by CLS.

Emily Bullock, Greener Choices Co-ordinator for CLS said: “It’s really encouraging to see that people are taking action to look after the environment and that many would like to do even more.  There is plenty of room for improvement though: while many do ‘easy’ actions like turning off the tap while brushing their teeth, there is lots of room for improvement in terms of turning down the heating, driving less, insulating walls and roofs, and fitting water saving devices.  These are clearly more difficult but they also make a bigger difference and save money and energy.”

“We are hosting two workshops this month that will help people to save energy and money:  a Draughtbusting Workshop on the 23rd January at Owermoigne Village Hall where you’ll get real hands-on practice fitting draught-proofing, and a Community Building Energy and Sustainability Workshop on 29th January at Hilfield Friary which will help those who are involved in managing community owned and run buildings.  Find out more here.

All those who take part in the survey will have the option to enter a free prize draw to win a hamper of local food provided by the Real Food Shop, a mobile shop providing fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meat products produced by a co-operative of small holders in West Dorset, South Somerset and East Devon.

CLS in Dorset 2015 Survey - Executive Summary

Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset (CLS) aims to help those living in Bridport, Dorchester and surrounding villages to adapt to climate change and live more sustainable lifestyles. The project started in April 2013, and is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

The 2015 survey was undertaken to build an understanding of awareness, attitudes and behaviour with respect to climate change and sustainable lifestyles, and to compare responses with a similar survey held in 2014.

There were 542 responses to the survey, around twice as many as in 2014. CLS appears to be reaching a broader audience than in 2014: - in 2014 one-third of respondents were members of or volunteered with environmental groups, whereas in 2015 the figure was one-fifth. The proportion of females responding to the survey however was 72%, slightly higher than in 2014.

Survey responses do not show significant changes to environmental behaviour in comparison with 2014, but a higher proportion of respondents believe that changes to weather patterns will affect their communities in the next 30 years. Fewer respondents, two-thirds compared to three-quarters in 2014, would like to do more to be environmentally friendly, but 41% of respondents consider themselves to be more environmentally friendly than a year ago.

One-third of respondents had heard of CLS, prior to completing the survey; and one-quarter of these had taken some action because of or partly because of CLS. Respondents had heard of CLS in many ways: primarily “other”, and web, social media and press.

The majority of respondents, 60% - 80%, believe they have a good understanding of causes and impacts of climate change, although understanding of local impacts is lower than global impacts. 74% believe that climate change is mostly man-made, and 90% of respondents believe that changes to weather and climate will affect their community in the next 30 years.

77% of respondents feel they have a good understanding of how to live a green or sustainable lifestyle. Two-thirds of respondents would like to do more to be environmentally friendly, fewer than the three-quarters in 2014. The main behaviour people take that they consider to be environmentally friendly is recycling. Lack of time and lack of money are the main barriers to environmentally friendly behaviour.

Most respondents take action to save energy and water, and reduce waste. Generally older people, those who are members or volunteers with environmental groups, and females are more environmentally friendly than males.

Almost half of people who work travel to work by car (alone), 15% share a car, and 14% walk. Around 60% walk or cycle for short journeys, and around 70% drive efficiently. Younger people and tenants of social housing are more likely to walk or cycle for short journeys and older people are more likely to drive efficiently.

Around 80% sometimes buy local food, 50% grow some of their own food, and 70% cook from scratch, however 80% also buy all or most of their food from supermarkets.

There is a relatively poor uptake of insulation and water saving devices. 60% for example say they have full loft insulation.

It’s clear from the responses to the survey that CLS is making a difference in the area and is reaching a broader audience than in 2014. CLS should now celebrate these successes and plan its communication and activities to respond to the following challenges and opportunities:

 Over representation of females in all activities

 Communicating to inspire change at trigger points – such as change of circumstances, moving home.

 Developing role models as communicators of change – e.g. younger people who walk or cycle more than older people.

 Addressing barriers to change – and where possible communicating clearly to remove or reduce barriers.

 Building on links with environmental groups – primarily Greenpeace, Dorset Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Transition Towns and Friends of the Earth.

Full 2015 survey report

2014 survey results


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