It’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s practical and it can happen in your street!

Transition Streets brings together groups of friends or neighbours to see how they can save money on energy, water, food and
transport, while reducing their carbon footprint.

It’s FREE! - you'll get a manual and we’ll help you get your group going.


Do you want to...

• Save money on fuel bills?

• Cut your carbon footprint?

• Get to know your neighbours?

Or maybe you...

have a big pile of bills you can't get round to sorting out, have a draughtproofing device for your letter box that you keep meaning to fit, and then there are the curtains you keep meaning to change.  But somehow it never quite gets to the top of your to do list.

Either way Transition Streets may be just what you are looking for!  So what is it?

Watch a short video explaining how it works

It’s a Practical Action Plan filled with simple solutions that will help you spend less on energy, water, transport and food, without compromising your lifestyle.  It supports groups of friends, neighbours or colleagues to work together, and participants save an average of £400 on household bills.

View a sample chapter from the manual.

CLS will link you up with others, provide the manuals, lend you energy monitors and come along to your first meeting to get you started.  

And it's making a difference!

* Emily has draught proofed her letter box.

* Nick is off to lag his pipes!

* Rupert's draught proofed his door.

* Ali has lined her curtains.

* Kate is getting help sorting out her cold damp bathroom.

So how do you get involved?

There are a few ways you can do this:

* Join an existing group or go along to one of their meetings and then set up your own group.

* Find some friends / neighbours or colleagues and start your own group - we'll help you with publicity, and materials.

The map below will give you an idea of what is happening already.  - Click on the place markers for further information.

What people say about Transition Streets?

As well as our Dorchester groups, people are taking part all over the world, here is what they are saying:

"Being part of the group has been great, we've learned from each other, and got around to doing things we've been meaning to do for a while."

“It was number one about getting to know people around me better, with all the benefits I think that has - the feeling of belonging, more part of where you are, share things, borrow and lend.”

“It's not about who can be greenest, it's not about whipping yourself because you're not green enough, it's just about seeing how you can change your life.”

• See what the people of Totnes have to say about it in this short video

• See what the Guardian has to say about it here

Contact Emily
Tel: 07507 321954 / 01305 213721

Register your interest and we'll put you in touch with people in your area:

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