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Get your employer to book an @Work@Home energy session - you'll get free energy advice from local experienced, qualified energy advisors, Wessex Energy.

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* For general tips on how to Green up your life, saving energy, water, travelling smartly, eating wisely and wasting less.  There are also links to experts in each field.  Go to Greener Choices page

* This month's Top tips – each month we set you a few challenges.  We want to share your stories too, so do take a photo, write a song or whatever about your top tips and send them in.  Go to Top tips page

* Join a Waste Less Spend Better / Transition Together group - a practical way of learning how to live greener with support from others.  More about Transition Together


In your community / taking the lead

Maybe you are ready to support others in greening their lifestyle or would like to volunteer with us to raise the profile of what it means to live in an environmentally friendly way.

* Waste Less Spend Better / Transition Streets  is a programme to help people to green their homes and lifestyles.  If there isn’t a group already going near you, you could start one, we’ll support you and provide the manuals.  More about Waste Less Spend Better / Transition Streets.

* Become a Draught Proofing champion – We are looking for someone with some understanding of energy in the home, and basic DIY skills to become a champion.  We will train you up, and ask you to run one or two workshops in the Dorchester area to teach others.  We’ll support you with organising and promoting the workshop?  Could this be you? Contact

* Become a Thermal Curtain champion – We are looking for someone with basic sewing machine skills, to become a champion.  We will train you up, and ask you to run one or two workshops in the Dorchester area to teach others.  We’ll support you with organising and promoting the workshop?  Could this be you? Contact

* Public events – we run events to raise awareness and encourage people to take up environmentally friendly behaviour.  These events are good fun and challenging.  Would you like to come along and help.  Sometimes we just need a spare pair of hands to help out on the day, but if you are really keen we’d love to involve you in coming up with ideas and organising events.

* Communication communication communication!  It’s not what you say it’s the way that you say it...
We are constantly trying to engage people in our messages, to make them innovative and exciting, it’s fun but it’s also hard work and time consuming.  We do facebook, twitter, web, press, and face to face events, but there is always room for more, if you are interested we would love you to get involved; here are some ideas of how we can make use of your time and talent.

o Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter
o Write a poem, sing a song, or take a picture of you doing something green, perhaps one of this month’s top tips!  And email it in so we can use it.  
o Take photographs or films for us
o If you want to do more let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

* Photographs and films – we always need good photos and films of our events, if you can help get in touch.

At work

You can be green at work, by separating your waste, turning things off, and taking home your food waste, as well as of course sharing cars, walking or cycling there! 


@Work@Home offers 20 businesses in West Dorset one day of environmental consultancy and one-to-one energy advice for your staff. 

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You could also:

* Set up a Waste Less Spend Better / Transition Streets group with your colleagues!

To find out more about any of these opporutnities contact

Join a group 

Transition Town Dorchester and Transition Town Bridport are both part of Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset.  Both groups are involved in a variety of projects such as: bee keeping, farming, geese rearing, apple growing, energy saving, and eco homes.  Both groups are also keen to recruit members so go along and see how you can get involved.

Transition Town Bridport
Transition Town Dorchester

Green Drinks

Green Drinks is the name for an informal monthly meeting of those interested in environmental issues.  They take place worldwide.

Dorchester      First Thursday of the month – Vivo Lounge 7:30pm
Bridport            Third Thursday of the month – The Tiger Inn 8:00pm

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Working with local communities to address climate change in their local area.


A unique opportunity to partner Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) Dorset and position your organisation at the very heart of sustainable living in Dorset.


View our photo gallery and see what CLS Dorset has been up to.


Read the latest news from CLS Dorset.


See the latest sustainable events taking place in Dorset.


Supporting schools to take part in the internationally recognised Eco-School programme.


Providing local residents with information about what they can do to reduce their environmental impact at home.


Working with communities, local producer groups, healthworkers and business support organisations to make local food more accessible to local people.


Helping develop community renewable energy projects such as solar installations on school and community buildings.