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West Dorset Open Eco Homes
10th - 13th September 2015

Our September Open Eco Home event started on Thursday 10th September –with two talks on How to Build an Eco Homes.  The 40-strong audience heard local architect John Bol, explain how Passive Houses can cut energy bills to £50 a year.  John Butler, one of the Open Eco Home hosts explained how he had built with low impact materials: straw, clay, lime and sheep’s wool.

20 homes were open over the weekend hosting around 200 visitors, most of whom visited at least two homes.  

Initial feedback from visitors shows they found it inspiring and useful, so thank you hosts!  Some of the hosts and visitors will have met Abbie Barnes a local film maker who is making a film for us – watch this space. 

Visitors were asked: what they were going to do as a result of visiting.  The image below summarises their answers - the bigger the word, the more often it was said.

A huge thank you to Sam Wilberforce and Transition Town Bridport, and Ann Boothroyd and Turn Lyme Green and all you hosts for making it happen!

The event was organised by CLS, along with Transition Town Bridport, and Turn Lyme Green.

This is the third event, previous visitors said "brilliant, fantastic, please do it again!"

A follow up survey of visitors to Open Eco Homes 2014:

* One-third of respondents have taken up additional environmentally friendly behaviours, such as saving water or energy, since attending the event.

* Two-thirds of respondents have installed one or more environmental measures, such as draught-proofing, glazing etc since attending the event

Read about Steve and Karen's straw bale kitchen

Open Eco Homes 2014

Between 12th and 14th September 2014, 18 local people opened their homes to over 300 visitiors.  These people and their homes demonstrated how to save money and reduce environmental impact, while becoming more resilient to climate change, energy prices, drought, flooding and food shortages?  The event was organised by Transition Town Bridport and Turn Lyme Green inn association with Dorset Architectural Heritage Week with support from Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset. 

Read our report here

Learn how to green YOUR home.

The Open Eco Homes hosts are just ordinary people opening their home, so that visitors can learn how they made it a little or very green or eco.  If you missed didn't make it to the events you can still learn from them in one of two ways.

  1. Contacting hosts

Twenty-one local people most of whom have been Open EcoHomes hosts are willing to be contacted year round to share their expertise.  Their expertise and how to contact them can all be seen on the Transition Town Bridport website.

Open Ecohomes Sharing Skills and Ideas

  1. Open Ecohomes films

We have made five films of previous Open Ecohomes hosts and their homes.

Watch here

  1. Waste Less Spend Better with Transition Together

Transiton Together is a Practical Action Plan filled with simple solutions that will help you spend less on energy, water, transport and food, without compromising your lifestyle.  It supports groups of friends, neighbours or colleagues to work together, and participants save an average of £400 on household bills. 

More about Transition Together

What's next - Open Ecohomes 2015

We are intending to run another event this year, in Bridport and Lyme Regis, and possibly Dorchester and surrounding villages.  We will need hosts, helpers and visitors!  If you are interested in helping out as an organiser, publicity person or host, please contact  If you'd like to attend as a visitor then make sure you are signed up to our newsletter so you get the information.  You can do this here

If you want to save money on bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and make new friends, check out Transition Together. 


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