Project Overview

We have been working in the Bridport and Dorchester areas to help communities and businesses adapt to the local effects of climate change and reduce our impact on the environment, since 2013.

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This phase of CLS in Dorset has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund, whose grant ends in mid-2016. We are busy fundraising and feel confident we will further some areas of the work. Meanwhile, CLS in Dorset partners have created a wealth of RESOURCES to share, and the networks will carry on – please sign up to our E-NEWS to keep in touch, check our NEWS AND EVENTS page for the latest information and the GET INVOLVED page for ways to join in with local community groups.

Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset aims to help people in West Dorset to tackle climate change and live more sustainably.

The project has acted as a catalyst for action, building on the great work already taking place in the local area and exploring some innovative approaches.

The CLS is what the Lottery describe as a ‘test and learn’ initiative in that they want to test a variety of  innovative and integrated approaches to tackling climate change based on different communities and locations – rural, coastal and urban. Overall the Big Lottery Fund wish to use the learning gained from this project to inform future community climate change action in England including influencing policy and practice in Government, communities and businesses.

Where has the programme taken place?

The programme will be delivered in Bridport, Dorchester and their surrounding areas. Click HERE for a map. Here, there are a mix of rural communities, including high levels of farmland, coastal fisheries, solid walled homes not connected to mainline gas supplies, and a high level of isolated communities. As well as engaging with geographical communities, we will be working particularly with farming and fishing sectors likely to be profoundly affected by climate change, with isolated older people at risk of increasing fuel poverty and deprivation, and with schools. We hope that, wherever possible, the learning from the project will be shared across all of Dorset’s local communities, beyond the CLS areas. 

What has the programme consisted of? 

CLS in Dorset has facilitated and supported a programme of community initiatives that were defined during a six month consultation and development process. The programme had several inter-related strands:

Eco Schools

Greener Choices

Renewable Energy

Local Food

Climate Change Adaptation (including communities, fishing and farming industries, and older people)

What's it all about?

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Working with local communities to address climate change in their local area.


A unique opportunity to partner Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) Dorset and position your organisation at the very heart of sustainable living in Dorset.


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Supporting schools to take part in the internationally recognised Eco-School programme.


Providing local residents with information about what they can do to reduce their environmental impact at home.


Working with communities, local producer groups, healthworkers and business support organisations to make local food more accessible to local people.


Helping develop community renewable energy projects such as solar installations on school and community buildings.