Nick says “I Do” lag my pipes!  Will you?

We’ve been saying #IDoDorset ….

over the last few months culminating in our ‘Will you say I do’ event in South Street, Dorchester in Climate Week.  You’ve been sending us your #IDoDorset selfies that capture environmentally friendly behaviour.

Nick from Dorchester is our lucky prize winner of a meal for two.  Nick is a member of the “Green Saints” Waste Less Spend Better group that meets in St Helen’s Road Dorchester.  Group members have been meeting regularly to learn how to save money and resources using our Transition Together manuals.  Read more here.

And here are a few of our favourite images from the campaign.

@AngelaFendley tweeted: @CLSDorset #IDoDorset always dry my clothes outside on the line. Highly recommend the hanging pegs too - no ironing!


Kate Forester  says #IDoDorset line dry my clothes and fold them carefully, so I don’t use my iron


And some of your I dos

* I do dry my clothes outside, I do line dry my clothes and fold them carefully so I don’t need to iron them, I do turn off the light when I leave the room, I do walk to work, I do take the train, I do grow tomatoes, I do turn off the tap, I do put the right amount of water in the kettle, I do make soup from leftovers, I do use low energy bulbs,  I do recycle,  I do take a short shower,  I do close the curtains,  I do wear extra layers and keep the heating turned down,  I do put lids on my saucepans, I do put a “hippo” in my toilet cistern, I do grow vegetables, I do upcycle,  I do charge my car from solar PV,  I do reuse bags,  I do compost,  I do cycle,  I do use public transport wherever possible,  I do use a water butt,  I do cycle,  I do grow food


And a few I don'ts

I don’t fly,  I don’t eat meat,  I don’t waste











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