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Council staff rush for free energy advice offered by CLS in Dorset @Work@Home scheme.

10 Feb 2016

Last Friday, Phil Neale from Wessex Energy was inundated with local government staff at South Walks House wanting free energy advice.  The advice was given as part of the CLS in Dorset @Work@Home offer.

@Work@Home offers free environmental consultancy for West Dorset businesses and energy advice for their staff. It aims to help local businesses to improve their bottom line and reduce their environmental impact, by offering expert consultancy to the business as well as helping staff to save energy at home.  The offer is open to 20 businesses and employers until the end of March.

The offer is aimed at businesses and employees. Businesses get to benefit from an on-site energy audit, written report and follow up meeting provided by experienced, local low carbon CIBSE consultants, and their employees get a one-to-one session with experienced, qualified energy advisors from Wessex Energy.  With the Carbon Trust stating that many businesses can save 5-10% on bills with minimal spend, 20% with improved energy management, and 25% with investment recouped within 2 years, and the Energy Saving Trust saying that many householders can save up to £400 on bills, @Work@Home promises to save staff and businesses thousands of pounds!

Phil Neale, from Wessex Energy said: “I was delighted with the turn-out there was real enthusiasm, and I was able to help many people, lots of them had questions about avoiding condensation and damp.  Thanks to the CLS @Work@Home project we were also able to give out some free gifts including LED bulbs, hot water tank jackets and TV power down devices.”

Emily Bullock, Greener Choices Co-ordinator for CLS says: “It’s really great that people have been enthusiastic to take up this offer.  I really hope it continues to get energy saving solutions to those who need it – slightly smaller businesses who don’t have their own in-house staff, and busy employees who don’t normally have the time to manage their energy use.  There’s a great potential for saving energy, energy spend and reducing environmental impact.  Although energy prices have dipped a bit recently, they are likely to go up again long term, so why not spend the saving on bills on insulating your walls!”

To book your @Work@Home consultant or energy advisor contact Emily on or 07507 321954 or go @Work@Home

CLS, which is supported by the BIG Lottery Fund, aims to help people to adapt to climate change and become more environmentally friendly. 

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